Daily Archives: September 3, 2016

no holds 1

No Holds Barred

In 1989, I took a long drive with my mother to Lahaina, in hopes of seeing Hulk Hogan.. Our plan was to see “No Holds Barred,” the first-ever wrestling/action movie to star Hogan, one of my childhood heroes. The movie was one of three films playing at the recently opened Wharf Cinema Center, Maui’s first…

light 2

The Light Between Oceans

After watching the trailer for “The Light Between Oceans,” I was ready for a really good tearjerker based on a popular novel about a married couple who miscarry but then miraculously find a baby floating at sea. As the only two residents of an island, where their sole job is to run the lighthouse, they…

mechanic 2 pic

Mechanic: Resurrection

In 1972, Charles Bronson was the star of director Charles Winner’s action/thriller “The Mechanic.” A movie that wears its era in every frame. Also starring a young and handsome Jan-Michael Vincent, this film told the story of a hitman passing on his trade, of executing hits by making them look like an accident, to a…

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