A non-profit organization of Hawaii-based film critics who are regularly published, either in print or online, within the Hawaii island chain.

The purpose of creating this critics group is

I. To showcase Hawaii film critics, their work and output. The HFCS website will provide links to film-related articles, books, YouTube/online filmed reviews, podcasts and interviews by members of our group.

II. To encourage professional film critics, current and beginning, to hone their craft and know there is a place for them and their work, to be recognized.

III. To form and be a part of the first ever Hawaii Film Critics Society, in which our varying/shared views of film, old and new, can find greater exposure and a wide platform. At year’s end, we will vote and create our own Year’s Best list to share with the press.

Like other film critics groups, one can’t apply but must be chosen. Entrance into the HFCS is free. The criteria for admittance is simply having written a substantial amount of polished film reviews for a magazine, newspaper, blog or website.

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