The Light Between Oceans

After watching the trailer for “The Light Between Oceans,” I was ready for a really good tearjerker based on a popular novel about a married couple who miscarry but then miraculously find a baby floating at sea. As the only two residents of an island, where their sole job is to run the lighthouse, they… Continue reading The Light Between Oceans

Don’t Breathe

After a summer full of comic book movies, animated films and unnecessary sequels and reboots, I was hungry for something original and “Don’t Breathe” fit the bill just perfectly. Three young punks eager to get out of their dead end lives in Detroit plan to rob a man who lives alone and just happens to… Continue reading Don’t Breathe


I’ll never feel safe driving through the Pali tunnels again. The latest hit to come out of South Korea, “Tunnel” has a simple premise: A man is trapped under debris in a collapsed tunnel and has to fight for survival while those on the outside fight to get him out alive. Think Sylvester Stallone’s “Daylight,”… Continue reading Tunnel

Sausage Party

Parents, keep the kiddies at home for this one. Despite the cute animated hot dogs and veggies, “Sausage Party” isn’t for them. Hell, it’s not even for many adults. Based on the very interesting premise that our favorite foods actually have personalities and human-like thoughts, “Sausage Party” is like “Toy Story” meets “Porky’s.” Oh wow,… Continue reading Sausage Party

Suicide Squad

After the lukewarm reception to “Man of Steel” and “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” it feels like DC figured, if we can’t make fans happy with the most famous comic book characters in history, we might as well go in a whole different direction and slap a group of bad guys together and see… Continue reading Suicide Squad

Star Trek Beyond

I’m not really a Star Trek fan despite enjoying the first two films in this reboot series by J.J. Abrams. He has since left the franchise, moving on to Jedis and BB-8s, but “Star Trek” was definitely left in good hands with “Fast and the Furious” director Justin Lin. Or so I thought. “Star Trek… Continue reading Star Trek Beyond

Train to Busan

I honestly had no idea what to expect going into “Train to Busan.” When I received the invitation to review the screener, all I saw was a poster of a man clutching his young daughter as they ran from what looked like a huge train wreck. Oh cool, I thought. Another fun Korean action movie!… Continue reading Train to Busan


I ain’t afraid of no “Ghostbusters” remake. Should you be? This reboot of the 1984 classic has been pretty much condemned from day one. Was it due to the all female twist? Or maybe people were against remakes in general? Perhaps internet movie nerds just wanted to jump on the bandwagon of yet another movie… Continue reading Ghostbusters

Central Intelligence

Aw, The Rock is so…cute? “Cute” probably isn’t the first word that comes to mind when thinking of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but that’s exactly what he is in “Central Intelligence.” The hulking action star always displayed a knack for comedy and exudes a natural charm in all of his roles, but this film gives… Continue reading Central Intelligence

Me Before You

I walked into “Me Before You” yearning for a good dose of the “feels.” As much as I love action films, comic book movies and raunchy comedies, I actually appreciate a great tugging of the heart strings once in awhile. Especially in a summer full of CGI and sequels, I was really hoping “Me Before… Continue reading Me Before You