Top 10 Films of 2014

I initially thought that 2014 was a pretty mediocre year as far as films go, but looking back at the 70+ films I watched this year, there were a lot of films that I really enjoyed and will definitely be watching again soon. It was a great year for superheroes, sci-fi and even a little…


Birdman – Barry

It’s hard to say what audiences are expecting from Birdman, as the buzz from film festivals, promotional trailers, piles of critical acclaim and even the poster give a disjointed idea of what the film is. If any quick-sell catch phrase could sum this up, it must be The Michael Keaton Art Movie. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s…


Birdman – Terry

BIRDMAN, which has won the Oscar for Best Picture of 2014, is an unconventional comedy about a former Hollywood action star who wants to prove himself on the Broadway stage. The movie is a highly original comedy about an actor whose ego confuses admiration with love. Michael Keaton plays Riggan, an aging actor who years ago starred in three Birdman…

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