Snatched 1


The premise of “Snatched,” the new Amy Schumer vehicle, is so unfit for a comedy, it’s amazing the scant laughs on hand are here at all. Schumer stars as Emily, a spoiled, unpleasant, child-like party girl whose current boyfriend (Randall Park, in a funny cameo) is dumping her to become a sexed up rock star….

colossal 4


Nacho Vigalondo’s “Colossal” sports a unique premise, one of the most original in a long time. Anne Hathaway stars as Gloria, a New York writer whose relationship with Tim, her boyfriend (played Dan Stevens), goes south after too many drinking binges. Following many nights of Gloria becoming blackout drunk and forgetting details about her day,…

Song 2

Song To Song

Terrence Malick’s new film, “Song to Song,” is neither a masterpiece nor the disaster many of his dissenters claim it to be. It’s more of the same, though often far greater than merely that and is, at the very least, a consistently stunning film. After his cinematic masters’ thesis, “The Tree of Life,” in which…

remember (1)


An elderly man named Zev, played by Christopher Plummer, departs from his room in a retirement home to embark on a cross country journey. His friend, Max, played by Martin Landau, has financed Zev’s journey, in which Zev’s long journey, hotel accommodations and travel expenses are taken care of. What we gradually learn is that…

s jobs

Steve Jobs- The Man in the Machine

It’s too early to make a film about Steve Jobs and his overall impact on humankind. How can we possibly know the full impact of Jobs’ work, particularly when his creations are constantly being upgraded, are a part of our everyday lives and provide us with constant distraction? The ipad, the iphone and itunes are…

sunshine poster

Sunshine Superman

Carl Boenish didn’t jump out of planes because he was a thrill seeker, but because he was aiming to expand his experience as a human being. In “Sunshine Superman,” the eye-popping documentary on his life, Boenish expresses his love for sky diving and free fall jumps the way most would describe a divine sunsets. His…

youth 1


There is a duality in “Youth” that as a moviegoer, I wasn’t expecting. It is both stunning and frustrating at the same time. First off, let me start by saying that “Youth” is a movie that I didn’t like. I had seen advertisements before it’s release and was excited. Michael Caine? Harvey Keitel? In the…

creed 1


The “Rocky” saga, just like its main character has gone through its peaks and valleys. Our fascination with the soft hearted and naive lug with a mean right cross has captured generations. The last we encountered Rocky, he was coping with Adrian’s passing, starting a restaurant business, and celebrating his swan song in the boxing…

crimson p

Crimson Peak

Late into “Crimson Peak,” Guillermo Del Toro’s elaborate haunted house thriller, it occurred to me that the ghosts don’t have enough to do. In fact, they barely register and seem like the eighth or ninth most important thing in the story. This is both a compliment and everything wrong with the movie, which Del Toro…

steve jobs

Steve Jobs

Nearly every movie plays like an advertisement for Apple. I’ve noticed this for years and suspect moviegoers have as well: in about 85% of all movies, there’s a scene where a character turns on their laptop and the Apple symbol is always in plain view. The cliché used to be that, when a character needed…

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