Irrational Man

Director Woody Allen will be 80 years old this year, but he’s as busy as ever. He’s just directed his 45th movie, a comedy-drama called IRRATIONAL MAN, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone. IRRATIONAL MAN is an entertaining and thought provoking film that explores a difficult moral question: How are we supposed to judge a criminal act that helps a deserving human being?… Continue reading Irrational Man

Infinitely Polar Bear

Actor Mark Ruffalo gives an Oscar worthy performance in the new comedy-drama called INFINITELY POLAR BEAR. The strange title notwithstanding, this is a touching and funny little movie based on the true story of a manic-depressive man who takes on the responsibility of raising his two young daughters mostly by himself. First time writer-director Maya Forbes is telling the story of her own… Continue reading Infinitely Polar Bear

Maps to the Stars

There isn’t a scene or performance here that makes the movie worth watching. I loathe writing this, as much as I despise stating that this is the first movie from director David Cronenberg I truly disliked. He’s responsible for grotesque (albeit thoughtful, layered and challenging) films before, but never one with a screenplay this pitiful.… Continue reading Maps to the Stars


The introductory scenes of “Interstellar” are a series of rich, initially disconnected images that set the framework for an enormous, ever-growing narrative. We see a vast field stretch across a farm land, an aircraft in a tailspin and a pilot named Cooper, played by Matthew McConaughey, waking from a nightmare and comforted by his daughter,… Continue reading Interstellar

The Better Angels

I was only three years old when Alfred Hitchcock died but I recall my Dad saying, regretfully,  he’d never see a new film from the great director again. While I never got to see “Rear Window” or “Psycho” the first time they opened, I did grow up in an age where the term “Hitchcockian” grew… Continue reading The Better Angels

The Zero Theorem

The constant pleasure of a new Terry Gilliam film is how he insists on giving his audience something they’ve never seen before. Most movies, you know where they’re taking you, the characters and story have a familiar quality to them and the filmmaking is a comfortable fit for easy-to-digest material. Most uninspired, forgettable movies function… Continue reading The Zero Theorem