Two Days, One Night

Academy Award winning actress Marion Cotillard has been nominated for Best Actress again in a Belgian movie called TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT. It’s a great performance comes in a movie that’s not easy to sit through. Marion Cotillard plays a depressed woman who will lose her factory job if she can’t convince a majority of… Continue reading Two Days, One Night

McFarland, USA

After watching the film’s trailer, I thought I was going to hate “McFarland, USA.” I really did. I already knew that the underdog group of minority kids would overcome some sort of adversity to succeed in dramatic fashion with their white savior coach leading the way. Sure enough, the film followed that paint by numbers… Continue reading McFarland, USA

Still Alice

Actress Julianne Moore has earned a Best Actress nomination for her performance in STILL ALICE,  a moving new drama about a 50 year old woman with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. When Alzheimer’s strikes  a middle aged person, it often progresses at a very fast rate. That’s what happens to Julianne Moore’s character in STILL ALICE.… Continue reading Still Alice

Fifty Shades of Grey

The thing that made me angriest about “Fifty Shades of Grey” is that, for the first 45 minutes, I kind of liked it. The opening scene is so well acted, the tone surprisingly light and its sense of humor both consistent and intentional, I thought it could work. Dakota Johnson is both a stunner and… Continue reading Fifty Shades of Grey

The Imitation Game

Is anyone else tired of hearing the name Benedict Cumberbatch? I know I am. Mr. Cumberbatch is a hard-working actor whose body of work demonstrates versatility and depth. He also seems to be the only actor everyone is talking about anymore. Over the years, I’ve taken note of his performances but haven’t been blown away by… Continue reading The Imitation Game

The Loft

‘The Loft’ will keep you guessing Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a cheesy, sleazy, vapid movie. Especially after the winter season was filled with highbrow artsy films desperate for Oscar recognition, it can feel really gratifying to turn your brain off and indulge in a guilty pleasure. If films like “The Theory of… Continue reading The Loft


I honestly go into every movie open-minded and hopeful. Movie critics have reputations of sitting in a dark theater with poisoned pens, sporting a sourpuss expression, but I love going to the movies as much as anyone and don’t set out to trash any movie or the filmmakers involved. I even went to “Gigli” on opening… Continue reading Annie


Finally, we have a movie about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and it’s a great one. Director Ava DuVernay has made a most impressive film, taking on the unenviable task of helming the first cinematic portrayal Dr. King’s life. Her approach is a series of smart choices: while never demonstrably stylish, many scenes have a… Continue reading Selma