To be eligible for HFCS membership, critics must meet ONE of the following two criteria:
Compose at least 20 reviews of at least 300 words each per calendar year, in a print medium with circulation of at least 20,000 monthly, or a film-focused web site with at least 5,000 unique visitors/month or multi-author news or entertainment site with at least 10,000 unique visitors/month. Radio and podcast critics with at least six months of experience and an online collection of their work are also eligible.
Make a minimum of 12 broadcast appearances (television, cable, satellite radio, terrestrial radio or podcast) to review and/or discuss films in a given calendar year.

Rules and Regulations

Members must agree to follow embargo rules, established by the film studios, regarding the publication or dissemination of film reviews, in both their main media outlets and social media venues like Twitter and Facebook. Failure to respect these rules means immediate termination from the group. Members should also conduct themselves in a professional manner when dealing with publicists, visiting talent and their fellow film critics. Members can be removed at the discretion of the HFCS Board.