Rick Chatenever

RICK CHATENEVER 6-15-11 - Version 2
During his award-winning journalistic career, Rick Chatenever has been reviewing movies for more than 35 years in print, television and radio. In Santa Cruz, Calif, where he was entertainment editor of the Santa Cruz Sentinel, his mini-reviews were syndicated and he also hosted “Talking Movies” featuring reviews and interviews on television. After becoming the entertainment and features editor of The Maui News in the early ’90s, his job duties included an award-winning weekly column, reviews, interviews and mini-reviews, as well as talking about “What’s Playing” in a weekly segment on Mana‘o Radio. He has covered and led panels at the Maui Film Festival from its inception, and is an Emmy-nominated documentary scriptwriter and producer, a freelance journalist and a lecturer at the University of Hawaii Maui College.