99 Homes

Director Ramin Bahrami calls his new movie, 99 HOMES, an “emotional thriller.” The film focuses on the relationship between a young single father and the shady real estate broker who evicts him from his home. And it’s an intense, powerful, very well acted drama that never lets up for a minute. (Dennis opens his front… Continue reading 99 Homes

The Martian

Matt Damon stars in the new hit movie called THE MARTIAN. The film has already earned well over 100 million dollars at the box office, but our critic says it’s not quite as good as he expected it to be. Here’s Terry’s Take. There’s a lot to like about THE MARTIAN directed by Ridley Scott.… Continue reading The Martian


GRANDMA is a highly entertaining comedy-drama about a cynical, outspoken grandmother—she’s a lesbian poet who’s grieving the loss of her long time partner. Tomlin is terrific as this cranky, sarcastic character who does her best to help a granddaughter in crisis in a movie that seems aimed at older people who are dismayed by the… Continue reading Grandma


‘Pan’ is a big disappointment A naïve boy leaves home and is thrown into the middle of a rebellion against an evil empire. The rebels are led by a brave and beautiful young woman who regards the boy a savior to help end the war. They are assisted by a more experienced adventurer with questionable… Continue reading Pan


‘Sicario’ is the best film of 2015 … so far “Sicario” is the Spanish word for “hitman.” It’s also the title of the best movie of 2015 — so far. I’ve only seen two of director Denis Villeneuve’s films prior to “Hitman”: the criminally overlooked “Prisoners” and the severely twisted yet brilliant “Incendies.” Both times… Continue reading Sicario

The Martian

I just came back from a trip to Korea where the flight from Honolulu took more than nine hours. The flight was full, the food was awful and I couldn’t get a wink of sleep. I must’ve looked at my watch at least 20 times with time just standing still. And yet, that was less… Continue reading The Martian

The Walk

“The Walk” must be seen on the big screen I generally hate 3D films. Only a small handful of films have done it right (“Avatar” and “Hugo”), but most just tend to irritate me with the needless gimmick and burdensome glasses. But “The Walk” is an excellent showcase of how 3D can really enhance a… Continue reading The Walk

Mistress America

A new comedy called MISTRESS AMERICA was written by its leading actress and its director, Noah Baumbach. There are lots of funny lines in the movie, but the main character, Brooke, just isn’t very likable. Talented comedienne Greta Gerwig plays Brooke, an eccentric 30 year old living in New York City. Brooke is meeting 18 year old Tracy for the… Continue reading Mistress America

The Gift

The trailer for THE GIFT makes you think it’s a horror film or a slasher movie. That’s false advertising, because THE GIFT is actually a smart, well acted psychological thriller that will keep surprising you right up to the end. Joel Edgerton wrote, directed, and stars in this smart drama. Jason Bateman is terrific as Simon, a sales executive who recently moved… Continue reading The Gift