Wild Tales

If you’re one of the many people who avoid films that have subtitles, you should make an exception in the case of a terrifically entertaining movie from Argentina called WILD TALES.

WILD TALES is a crowd pleasing collection of six short films about the exhilarating experience of giving in to an extreme desire for revenge.

It’s exciting, inventive, and crazy fun.

“C’mon, moron move over. What’s your problem?… You’re a damned red neck.”

In ROAD TO HELL, after the driver of a sleek late model car insults a man who was blocking his efforts to pass, he gets a flat tire and the man he yelled at catches up with him.

Wealthy driver: Let it go. I don’t want a fight. If I offended you, I apologize. I’m sorry if I did. Are you done? Are you finished? Careful with… (Second driver rips his windshield wiper off.)

Wealthy driver: Come on man. I didn’t do anything.

Second driver: What was it you called me back there?

This is just the beginning of an outrageous battle between these two men that escalates into a firestorm of mayhem.

Waitress: Good evening. Party of one?

Surly Customer: I see you’re good at math.

In a segment called RAT POISON, a meek waitress is confronted with the loan shark-gangster who caused her father to commit suicide and then tried to seduce her mother.

Waitress: I’m going to say something.

Cook: Say something!? Your dad kills himself because of this guy and your just going to insult him. Let’s put rat poison in his food.

You get the drift. Five of the six segments of this Oscar nominated film from writer-director Damián Szifron are top notch.

Only THE DEAL misses the mark. It’s about a rich family that tries protect one of their own from a hit and run driving crime.

Bride: Who’s the girl with the long hair?

Groom: Which one?

Bride: The one over there, your co-worker.

But the very best of the six offerings is “Til Death Do Us Part,” in which a bride discovers that her new husband has cheated on her with one of the wedding guests.

“Hell hath no fury” like this out-of-control woman and yet in all her angry explosions, she still manages to be endearing.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.