There’s a portion of “Short Circuit 2″ that my brother and I used to quote with glee, much to the horror of my mother. Despite the film being a harmless, PG-rated sequel about the further adventures of bug-eyed, cutie-pie robot “Johnny Five,” it contains what is, for a children’s film, a questionable subplot. While Johnny… Continue reading Chappie


He’s a seasoned con man who goes by the nickname “Mellow” (played by Will Smith) and she’s an attractive but inexperienced watch snatcher, named Jess (Margot Robbie), with an approach both clumsy and in need of schooling. The first time they see each other, he recognizes the potential, the skill and the danger she possesses.… Continue reading Focus

The Better Angels

I was only three years old when Alfred Hitchcock died but I recall my Dad saying, regretfully,  he’d never see a new film from the great director again. While I never got to see “Rear Window” or “Psycho” the first time they opened, I did grow up in an age where the term “Hitchcockian” grew… Continue reading The Better Angels