The Longest Ride

I like to imagine Nicholas Sparks sitting at his laptop, getting bored with writing and deciding to spice up his latest novel by killing off his main characters. There’s no point in pretending to be a fan, so allow me to be blunt: the man kills off more characters with sadistic glee than Stephen King… Continue reading The Longest Ride

Furious 7

At last, after an extended wait, we finally get to see how the filmmakers of “Furious 7” completed their film. As most everyone knows, this is the sequel that suffered the death of its star, the charming Paul Walker. Rather than shut the production down, or rework the film to have Walker’s character killed off… Continue reading Furious 7

Maps to the Stars

There isn’t a scene or performance here that makes the movie worth watching. I loathe writing this, as much as I despise stating that this is the first movie from director David Cronenberg I truly disliked. He’s responsible for grotesque (albeit thoughtful, layered and challenging) films before, but never one with a screenplay this pitiful.… Continue reading Maps to the Stars


The introductory scenes of “Interstellar” are a series of rich, initially disconnected images that set the framework for an enormous, ever-growing narrative. We see a vast field stretch across a farm land, an aircraft in a tailspin and a pilot named Cooper, played by Matthew McConaughey, waking from a nightmare and comforted by his daughter,… Continue reading Interstellar