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Love and Mercy

In the new movie called LOVE AND MERCY…two different actors play singer Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys at two different times in his life. Instead of being a conventional biopic that tells Brian Wilson’s life story, LOVE AND MERCY cuts back and forth between the 1960’s when he was creating lots of music but…



No hope in ‘Dope’ I love urban stories. I love high school coming-of-age films. I love hip-hop culture. I should have loved “Dope.” Nope. Here are five questions for “Dope.” What’s it about? Malcolm, Diggy and Jib are three best friends who are perfectly comfortable with their geeky love of ‘90s hip-hop, retro dress code…


Inside Out

Animated films always work best when they speak to both kids and adults, and Pixar has always been one of the best at doing just that. After a few money-grabbing, sub-par sequels (“Cars 2” and “Monsters University”) it’s really refreshing to see them come back strong. Here are five questions for “Inside Out.” What’s it…

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