Magic Mike XXL

Channing Tatum and his bunch of merry men are back for another go-round in “Magic Mike XXL.” You’d think that would mean more thongs, more skin and more fun. No such luck. Here’s five questions for “Magic Mike XXL.” What’s it about? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. If you’re really searching for some sort of plot, it’s… Continue reading Magic Mike XXL

Ted 2

It’s a comedy about a talking teddy bear. No need to read too much into it. Her are five questions for “Ted 2.” What’s it about? After experiencing some marital problems, Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) and Tami-Lyn decide to salvage their relationship by having a baby. But Ted has some anatomical shortcomings, so they… Continue reading Ted 2

Terminator Genisys

A thirty-one year old franchise returns with bold new upgrades, only some of which hit their mark. In “Terminator Genysis,” the fifth film in the series, John Conner (now played by Jason Clarke) sends Kyle Reese (played this time by Jai Courtney) to the past. Once Reese arrives in 1984, he finds his mission has… Continue reading Terminator Genisys