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The opening image of “Carol” is a close up of a street grate. As the camera pulls back, we take in the rich, longstanding patterns that make up this small but integral part of the landscape and the film begins from there to establish a world that is now alien to most: America in the…


David Bowie: A Tribute

You don’t get to work with Martin Scorsese, Nicolas Roeg, Christopher Nolan, Tony Scott, John Landis, David Lynch and Jim Henson just because you’re a rock star. David Bowie’s film work may seem at first glance to be an afterthought in comparison to his career as…well, is the term “rock god” too much or an…


Ride Along 2

The best thing I can say about “Ride Along 2” is that it’s not as bad as the first one. Despite the talents of Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, the first “Ride Along” was an absolute bore and yet it went on to become an inexplicable smash, so naturally a sequel was forthcoming. Following the sequel…


The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino has assembled a group of excellent veteran actors for THE HATEFUL EIGHT, an overly long and talky western that ends with a carnival of bloody cartoon violence. THE HATEFUL EIGHT will no doubt satisfy at least some Quentin Tarantino fans, and that may be enough to assure its commercial success. I like many of…

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