London Has Fallen

I’ll be honest, I was not a fan of “Olympus Has Fallen.” It attempted to be a throwback to ’90s action films but it just took itself way too seriously and it didn’t help that the plot that made absolutely no sense. I wasn’t expecting much going into its sequel, “London Has Fallen,” but I was pleasantly surprised… Continue reading London Has Fallen


Biblical moviemaking has seen (no pun intended) a resurrection at the local multiplex. Ever since the release of the extremely successful “Passion of the Christ”, movie studios have tried to replicate its success. Bible stories especially the story of Christ resonates with all Christians of all cultures. Director Kevin Reynolds has taken up the task… Continue reading Risen


Imagine “Swiss Family Robinson” or “Doctor Doolittle,” only with untrained, restless animals and actors who are in very real danger. Try picturing a movie, made by a husband and wife team,  in which they star alongside their kids and share scenes with dozens of real, unpredictable lions, cougars and a massive, angry elephant. It sounds… Continue reading Roar