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Key and Peele just made the greatest cat video ever. Seriously, Keanu, the title cat, is the cutest little kitty witty! And I’m saying that as the owner of a beautiful cat named Jet myself. The two comedians (I’m still not sure which is which) play two very domesticated men who live in the suburbs….


The Jungle Book

Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book from 1894 was a collection of adventure stories that have fueled the imaginations of young and old for generations. Strong themes of adapting to the cruel world around you, crossed with high adventure defines the stories of Rudyard Kipling. It was only a matter of technology and time that these…


Eye in the Sky

Drone warfare is becoming a hot topic in Hollywood movies and is no longer a CGI gimmick in action movies. The first time I can recall seeing a bomb-dropping drone in a Hollywood movie (not counting the “Terminator” films) was “The Bourne Legacy.” Now, with Gavin Hood’s “Eye in the Sky” and a handful of…


Hardcore Henry

The word was out that someone made a feature-length, first person POV motion picture for the mainstream. I saw this opening weekend and made sure my seat was close to the screen and in the center aisle. I wanted the full, immersive, you-are-there experience touted by the preview. About an hour in, I seriously wondered…

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