No Holds Barred

In 1989, I took a long drive with my mother to Lahaina, in hopes of seeing Hulk Hogan.. Our plan was to see “No Holds Barred,” the first-ever wrestling/action movie to star Hogan, one of my childhood heroes. The movie was one of three films playing at the recently opened Wharf Cinema Center, Maui’s first… Continue reading No Holds Barred

The Light Between Oceans

After watching the trailer for “The Light Between Oceans,” I was ready for a really good tearjerker based on a popular novel about a married couple who miscarry but then miraculously find a baby floating at sea. As the only two residents of an island, where their sole job is to run the lighthouse, they… Continue reading The Light Between Oceans

Mechanic: Resurrection

In 1972, Charles Bronson was the star of director Charles Winner’s action/thriller “The Mechanic.” A movie that wears its era in every frame. Also starring a young and handsome Jan-Michael Vincent, this film told the story of a hitman passing on his trade, of executing hits by making them look like an accident, to a… Continue reading Mechanic: Resurrection