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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

In 2012, Tom Cruise gave audiences their first taste of Lee Child’s popular book character, Jack Reacher. Jack Reacher was and is an action filled romp that harkens back to 80’s action adventure films that relied on bigger than life characters doing unbelievable feats to thwart the forces of evil. Now, Jack is back and…


Ouija: Origin of Evil

I have never played with a Ouija board in my life and never will. What surprises me about the “Ouija” movie franchise, produced by Hasbro, is the grim message of its product. According to these horror movies, if you play the Ouija board game, you or someone you know will probably die. Thanks, but I’ll…


American Honey

AMERICAN HONEY, won a top prize at the Cannes Film Festival and is getting lots of rave reviews, but I don’t think that main stream audiences will be so enthusiastic. The movie focuses on an impoverished young girl who joins a roving crew of other unwanted teenagers who sell magazine subscriptions door to door. It’s…


The Accountant

Ben Affleck has a knack for picking film projects that are polarizing. For every “Argo” there is a “Pearl Harbor”. Affleck picks amazing projects that highlight his acting or directing talents or mediocre blockbuster fare that pleases the masses. This strategy has worked for him as of late and with the release of “The Accountant”,…

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