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Disney, as of late, has had quite a bit on their plate. Their handling of both the Marvel and Star Wars movie franchises would be enough for multiple studios to deal with. This does come at a cost of other Disney franchises, namely the Disney princess movies. The last traditional hand drawn Disney princess film…



Like the establishing scenes of “Up,” the opening of “Arrival” tells a gorgeous, moving and abruptly devastating story of love and loss. I won’t describe any of it, let alone hint at the big twists director Denis Villeneuve’s film slowly unveils. Instead, here’s what the teaser trailer helpfully divulges: Dr. Louise Banks (played by Amy…



The first scene of “Moonlight” is done in a single take: we watch as a drug dealer named Juan (played by Mahershala Ali) oversees his operation and checks in, mentor-like, with a young protégé, who is furiously working the streets. This sequence is filmed in a handheld, old school manner that recalls when doing these…

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