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The Year in Film: 2016

I look forward to summer movies every year the way I used to be madly giddy with excitement for Christmas Eve as a young boy. It holds true that, when it comes to movies, the early months of the year are “spring cleaning” for studios, the summer months are the fun rides at the cineplex…


Assassin’s Creed

The success of the video game market with the public has spurned Hollywood to capitalize on that success and bring those stories to the big screen. “The Wizard” starring Fred Savage is the earliest video game movie I can recall that revolved around Fred Savage’s character getting his emotionally distressed, but gifted gamer brother to…



World War II has always been an era full of stories of amazing heroism, battlefield derring do, and even romance. “Allied”, the latest from director Robert Zemeckis, is attempting a classic WWII romance in modern day in the vain of Casablanca. Can Zemeckis make audiences swoon with nostalgia as he directs Brad Pitt and Marion…

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