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Kong: Skull Island

Every version of the King Kong story is essentially the same but each has a different idea driving its story. The original, 1933, black and white King Kong is one of the greatest movies ever made, the prototype for every subsequent special effects-driven blockbuster and visible proof that a man-made movie monster can be endearing…



Hugh Jackman’s career has been defined by his role as “Wolverine”. He’s played the character for over 17 years and with the release of “Logan” is performing his swan song for the role. Fox’s “X-Men” franchise has always been a source of controversy and ridicule from fans of the source material, but “Logan” is set…


Get Out

During the concluding season of the great “Key and Peele” comedy sketch series, the skits had become increasingly darker. It seemed that the creators, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, didn’t wish to merely parody horror films but create mini-horror films on their show, with certain sketches unspooling in skin crawling fashion. I was worried that…


John Wick: Chapter Two

In the fall of 2014, Keanu Reeves starred in an action film and played a character that would further define his acting career. “John Wick” was and still is a unique and utterly entertaining action extravaganza that built an underworld of hitmen that was enthralling and mesmerizing to watch. The character of John Wick is…


The Great Wall

The first movie I ever reviewed was “Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold,” a bad Indiana Jones rip-off that starred Richard Chamberlin and Sharon Stone (poor substitutes for Harrison Ford and Karen Allen). I was ten years old at the time and loved the movie, despite its abundant cheesiness, horrible plotting, horrible acting…basically,…

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