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Happy Death Day

Jessica Rothe stars as Tree Gelbman, an obnoxious college student and sorority member who makes a daily habit of being as rotten as possible to everyone she crosses paths with. One night, she’s murdered by a masked assailant…only to wake up the next day, and find the exact thing keeps happening, over and over again….


Blade Runner 2049

My college philosophy professor began his first class by asking his students how we knew we weren’t just heads floating in a jar. We all chimed in, “Of course we’re not heads in a jar! We’re alive, we have memories, all sorts of physical proof and, c’mon, that’s just stupid!” My professor calmly retorted, “Can…


American Made

The ability to board your own aircraft, operate it with the ease of an automobile and go wherever you want, whenever you want and over vast fields and towns below, is just so cool. It’s one thing to be a passenger who enjoys looking out the window and actually enjoys air travel (especially now, when…

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