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The Mule

In 2014, an elderly man named Leo Sharp was arrested for being a drug mule. Sharp delivered tons of cocaine, driving cross country for a Mexican drug cartel. After doing this for years, he was caught and served jail time. Sharp was a World War II vet and a celebrated horticulturist. At the time of…


Ralph Breaks The Internet

At the beginning of “Ralph Breaks The Internet,” the lovable doofus “Wreck It” Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly) and tiny, sugary-voiced Vanellope (voice by Sarah Silverman) are still best friends and enjoying the simplicity of their lives as video game characters. When the steering wheel attached to Vanellope’s “Sugar Rush” breaks, she and Ralph…


Green Book

In the 1960’s, Tony Lip, a family man thug (played by Viggo Mortensen),  is hired by Dr. Don Shirley, a jazz pianist (played by Mahershala Ali),  as his driver for a record company-sponsored tour throughout the deep south. Tony is short tempered, none-too-bright and barely conceals his bigotry.  While Dr. Shirley is far more educated…



The “look” of dreams is something most movies can’t pull off without resorting to silly touches like fuzzy photography and dancing dwarves. The list of films that convey the visual and logistical nature of dreams with any accuracy is short: they include “Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind”, “Waking Life”, the original “Nightmare on Elm…

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