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Out of State

Ciara Lacy’s “Out of State” is the celebrated documentary about Hawaii-born felons who are moved to an Arizona-based prison and practice their cultural heritage on the inside. We watch as displaced prisoners learn profound lessons and traditions of Hawaiian culture as a means to gain mental strength and pass the time of their sentences. These…


John Wick: Chapter 3

There was once a movie called “John Wick,” in which Keanu Reeves played “the boogeyman of assassins,” who avenges the shooting of his dog by murdering a lot of people. In “John Wick: Chapter Two,” ┬áhe more than triples the original film’s body count before the first hour is up. Now, in part 3, with…


Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Someone thought the world needed a live-action Pokemon movie, so here we are. In “Pokemon Detective Pikachu,” a young man named Tim (played by Justice Smit) turns to the title character (a fuzzy yellow critter voiced by Ryan Reynolds) to investigate an unsolved ┬ámystery. Along the way, they learn of a vast conspiracy at work…


How To Train Your Dragon 3

It’s been five years since we last met up with Hiccup, the clumsy but remarkably brave young warrior who best friend is Toothless, a sweet and ferocious dragon. The two live in Berk, a vast land shared by Vikings and hordes of dragons, who now live in harmony. A ruthless dragon hunter named Grimmel threatens…

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