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A Hidden Life

At the beginning of Terrence Malick’s “A Hidden Life,” Franz Yagerstatter (played by August Diehl) is returning home to his family. Living in Austria during the early days of Nazi recruitment and the war to come, Yagerstatter has been training as a soldier but finding his conscience at a crossroads and wanting nothing to do…


The Tree of Life

When Terrence Malick makes a movie, three things happen: they’re years-in-the-making personal films, audiences are typically baffled by them and, over time, they are reevaluated and declared works of genius. Malick has only made five films, but each are so breathtaking, so thrilling to watch and stunningly made, his reputation as a recluse and master…



I remember the moment when Michael Mann’s “Heat” won me over the first time I saw it. It comes during the first twenty-five minutes and takes place in a bookstore. We see Neil, played by Robert De Niro, sitting alone. He’s reading and trying hard not to stand out in one of those bookstore/cafe combos…

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